Diamond Pro-Cure

Darren Beers


With over 30 years of professional sports therapy under his belt, Darren has worked with teams and organisations across many sports.   These include The Premier League, British Cycling, British Ice Hockey Federation and The Football League, and several club teams, including Ladies Championship Rugby.   He has lectured in Sports Therapy for Swindon College (affiliated to the University of Bath) and mentored students into professional practice.    Darren runs Diamond Pro-Cure practice within Swindome, a state of the art indoor football facility and loves treating injuries and helping people to recover fast.


Jordan graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Therapy in 2014. Upon completion of his studies, Jordan undertook an internship at Gloucester Rugby where he worked with both the academy and senior squad in a performance enhancement and soft tissue role. This helped to further his knowledge and understanding of both injuries as well as injury prevention in a professional sporting environment. In the build up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup Jordan worked with both Australia and Scotland, helping the teams prepare by providing soft tissue treatments.

Jordan also spent time with Bristol Rugby, the Great British Women’s U20 ice hockey squad and the Gloucestershire All Golds Rugby League. He has covered aspects such as injury prevention and soft tissue management. Jordan has also worked across several amateur rugby teams, dealing with everything from acute injuries and strapping requirements to injury management and rehabilitation.