Diamond Pro-Cure

The Professional Touch

At diamond pro-cure we are proud to have a long established reputation for offering high quality, professional Sports Massage in Swindon, as well as a wide range of injury treatments from our Swindon clinic.

Based at The Swindome, we have plentiful parking and a modern treatment facility.

Sports Massage means the manipulation of your soft tissue, enhancing blood circulation, muscle tone, the nervous system and skin tone.  Anyone doing physical exercise will recognise the positive benefits quickly, and it is also excellent for everyday aches and pains.

We combine proven massage methods with our professional sports expertise to offer our clients a unique combination of knowledge and experience.  Our commitment to expertise means we offer the latest techniques at our sports massage and injury treatment clinic.

Book your appointment now and feel the benefits.

Our Clinic


Based at the Swindome, near South Marston we have a modern treatment room and access to an exclusive gym to assist with rehabilitation.     

As one of Swindon's newest sporting facilities there is plenty of parking, and a coffee area with free WIFI.  


Treatment Room

Our treatment room is light and airy, offering plenty of space for consultation and treatment.   

This allows us to offer a full range of treatments including ultrasound and kinesio taping.  Click the button below to find out more.

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